Titi Eco Papaya Powder 75g


Many scientific reports have confirmed that papaya notably contains Papain, embedded in the thick white juice under unripe papaya skin; is an excellent digestive enzyme!  It helps the body to dissolve fats, breaks down protein, burns carbohydrate and sugar, and promoting progress of digestion and nutrients absorption.   The papaya is enriched with protein (amino acids), minerals, carotenes, vitamin C, B-vitamins, etc.  This natural and sugar-free enzyme from organic papaya is your best and safest choice to consume.

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Expiry Date: Aug 2021


  • Dissolve fat
  • Breaks down protein
  • Burns carbohydrate and sugar
  • Colon detoxification
  • Helps in digestion & absorption
  • Relieves stomachache &flatulence
  • Slimming & reduce body fats (refer to consumption details)
  • Anti-bacteria and anti-inflammation


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Additional information

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