Q BABY Organic Germ Grain Baby Congee (Salmon & Mix Vege) 150gx2


Q Baby Market baby congee cook with Taiwan 100% organic germ grain. Balanced wholesome nutrients of baby congee ( enriched with organic baby germ rice ) and better digestion.
SGS certified safety hygienic Retort Pouch Bag

  • Selected premium fresh ingredients
  • 100% No preservatives
  • Gluten free
  • No seasoning
  • No artificial colors
  • No added salt/sugar
  • No trans fat

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UOM: 300g/pack

Expiry Date : Sept 2022

Country of Origin: Taiwan

Ingredients :

Organic Germ Rice , Water , Broccoli , Onion , Carrot, Corn , Salmon

Product Information: 

  • Suitable for 7 months and above
  • Easy to prepare with minimal heating
  • Made with organic germ rice and natural ingredients
  • No added salt, no added sugar, no artificial flavoring
  • Hygienic retort bag design, can be safe kept at room temperature
  • Easy to carry, perfect for picnic, busy parents and traveling
  • Baby-friendly consistency, perfect for infants new to solids

Japan Autoclaving Equipment Technology
Our hygienic Retort Pouch Bag (preventing air and bacterial from contaminating the zero preservative food content) has undergone high temperature sterilization. Retort Pouch Bag is safe be kept in room temperature for long time.

Usage Direction: 

1. Put the whole pouch into a pot of 100c hot water for 3-5 minutes heat up
2. Remove content from the pouch and pour it into a bowl, heat up with microwave oven for 40 seconds (Caution: Do not place the pouch in the microwave oven)
3. Put the whole pouch into a vacuum thermal food jar, pour in boiling water, simmer for 10 minutes to heat up
4. Pour the congee into a bowl, steam with cooking pot for 10 minutes

Tips : The congee consistency can be adjusted by mixing with a little hot water


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Additional information

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