HealthWest Pure Ionic Silver is specifically designed to entirely overcome the inherent limitations of colloidal silver technology and provide a pure Silver Ion solution with a built-in delivery mechanism to shield it from chloride and other salts in the body, enabling it to be delivered intact to where it is needed.

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UOM: 500ml/bottle

Best Before: Feb 2025

Country of Origin: Australia


Positively charged silver ions 16-20 PPM

In keeping with government health guidelines no therapeutic claims are made and no medical advice is offered. If you have a health problem we recommend seeking medical advice from your qualified health professional.

How does it work ? 

Microbial cells have a sophisticated internal electrical system that they use in all of their life processes .

Silver ions have the ability to disrupt this process , and to prevent these mirco-organisms from conducting electricity .

This makes them unable to function and so they collapse and die.

Silver ions are increasingly being recognized for their broad-spectrum antimicrobial qualities and the fact that they present none of the side-effects related to antibiotics .


Keep out of direct sunlight .


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Additional information

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