Earth Organic Black Sesame Powder 500g

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Use high quality organic ingredients with modernized technology to create this seed into powder form for instant consumption without altering their nutrients quality. A super food beverage full of nutrients and minerals designed for those who envy the goodness of black sesame and yet cannot spare one’s time to prepare them. Earth Living makes it possible for you to enjoy this beneficial drink in our ‘rush rush’ world today.

Health Benefits:
• Sesame nourishes liver and other organs that cause blur vision, low back ache, stiff joints
• Protect gut system in bowel cleansing and colon detoxification thus help cancer rishks
• High calcium prevents osteoporosis and maintain healthy bones and nails
• High folate and iron which improve energy, tonify the brain and slow aging
• High fibre and low GI are good for effective weight and blood glucose control
• Beneficial fatty acids improve grey hair and hair growth

Suitable For:
• Elderly. Especially those who are always tired or lack of energy
• Men and women. Especially those who are always tired or lack of energy
• Men and women who are always in rush but wish to maintain healthy
• Children who are always active or do not like fruits and vegetables
• Children above 1-year old

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UOM : 500g/Can

Expiry Date: Nov 2021

Country of Origin: Australia

Ingredients: Organic black sesame seed

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Additional information

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