BNC Soy Lecithin 360g


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UOM: 380g/Can

Country of origin: Malaysia

Expired Date: 02/01/2022

BNC Soy Lecithin
BNC Soy Lecithin is ultrafiltered deoiled lecithins produced from phospholipids of the soy bean.Phospholipids are removed from crude soybean oil process called degumming.The gum are dried and further processed into lecithin by addition of soybean oil and soybean fatty acids.

Cholesterol reduction
Research indicates that a diet rich in lecithin may increase good HDL cholesterol and lower bad LDL cholesterol.

Improved immune function
Supplementing with soy lecithin may increase immune function, particularly in people with diabetes.

Better digestion
Ulcerative colitis is a form of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) that affects up to 907,000 people in the U.S. Lecithin may help to reduce digestive distress in those with the condition.

Research suggests that the emulsifying activity of lecithin improves mucus in the intestine, protecting the gastrointestinal lining. This may be because lecithin contains phosphatidylcholine (PC), which is also a component of mucus.

Enhanced cognitive function
Choline, a component of phosphatidylcholine, plays a role in brain development and may improve memory.

As a breastfeeding aid

Some women who breastfeed may experience clogged milk ducts, where the breast milk does not flow correctly through the duct. This condition is painful and makes breast-feeding more difficult.

Other uses

Lecithin has been promoted as a treatment for:

Non-GMO, No Gluten, No Artificial Colorings, No Sugar/Egg/Milk, No Preservatives, No Flavourings.