Biogreen 100% Organic Prune Paste 510g


For a radiant, glowing complexion and a happy and healthy gut, add this superfood high in antioxidants and essential minerals to your daily diet. Made from fresh, fully ripened organic prunes without added sugar, Biogreen 100% Organic Prune Paste can be enjoyed as a healthy and nutritious spread or stirred into a beverage of your choice.

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UOM: 510g/bottle

Country of origin: California, USA

Ingredient: 100% organic prunes  (Certified Organic by NASAA)

Usage Direction:

  • Mix 1 tablespoon prune paste with 200ml water .
  • It can also be added into juices , oat milk, soya milk or used as bread spread


  • High antioxidant activity among the common fruits and vegetables
  • Source of potassium and magnesium: for normal functioning of the muscle and nervous systems
  • Source of iron: promote blood circulation
  • Promote bowel movement and relieve constipation
  • No added sugar, suitable for diabetics and pregnant mothers.
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Additional information

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