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BeeBoy Set – BeeBoy Bee Pollen 150g And Beeboy Honey Comb 500g


Honeycomb is a natural product made by honey bees to store honey and pollen or house their larvae. Eating honeycomb is one way  to enjoy the fruit of bees’ labor. Doing so may offer health benefits, ranging from a lower risk of infection to a healthier heart and liver.

Bee Pollen referred as “nature perfect food” as it contains a wide spectrum of nutrients to help maintain good health. Bee pollen is rich in vitamin, mineral and 22 amino acids. It is packed with live enzymes, bioflavonoid, especially (rutin), phytosterols and carotenoids.

Wild Osmanthus Honey helps reducing gastrointestinal problems, reducing headache and insomnia. It is also beneficial for maintaining beauty and keep young and tranquilization.


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Beeboy Honey Comb : 500g/pack

BeeBoy Bee Pollen : 150g/Jar

Free : Beeboy Wild Osmanthus Honey – 25g


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